JÖRG Guillotine Shear JRGM-FR 2560

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The JÖRG Guillotine Shear JRGM-FR 2560 is a mechanic driven shear. This shear has a fixed return plate, allowing short plates to fall forward. The innovative plate high holder allows the cut plate to be discharged forwards or backwards, the so-called return-to-sender principle.

Standard version:

  • NC motorized back gauge, 750 mm
  • Rear safety screens with photocells
  • Finger protection with a view of the cutting line
  • LED cutting line lighting
  • Front support arms for plate support
  • Table with ball pots
  • Foot pedal with emergency stop
  • Cutting gap adjustment
  • Angled gauge with T-slot, tilt stop and ruler
  • Stroke counter
  • Heavy drive
  • Return to sender


  • Working width2560 mm
  • Capacity (St. 37)4 mm
  • Cutting angle1,30°
  • Strokes31/min
  • Back gauge750 mm
  • Table height800 mm
  • ControlNC
  • Power supply3~400V
  • Engine power7,5 kW
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  • NC motorized back gauge 1000 mm
  • Adjustable angle stop 0-180°
  • Set of blades suitable for stainless steel
  • Pneumatic plate high support discharging back- and forwards
  • FUJI touchscreen
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