MAGNABEND Magnetische Zetbank 1000E

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The MAGNABEND Magnetic Folding Machine 1000E is a unique, versatile and easy to use folding machine. Suitable for folding many types of sheet, including aluminium, copper, steel, stainless steel, coated materials, etc. There are models in the range from 1000 to 3200 mm working length.

Electromagnetic clamping system
A powerful electromagnet pulls on the upper beam, so that the sheet is clamped. As Clamping takes place across the entire width, there is minimal deviation. Because the upper bar is always a flat strip, closed tubes or high boxes can be folded. The clamping bar of the MAGNABEND can be easily removed and replaced for a different tool, such as square or round bars. A 230V power supply is required.


  • Wide clamping bar
  • Narrow clamping bar
  • Slotted clamping bar for shallow boxes
  • Segmented clamping bar (fingers)
  • Stops


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  • Special Clamping bar (round, square, with gaps etc.)
  • Foot Pedal
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