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The AUTODESK CAMDuct Software is specially developed for the HVAC industry.

Advantages of Autodesk® CAMDuct:

  • Renowned, widely used software for insulation and air ducts
  • Complete library of fittings
  • Runs on a Windows PC or laptop, offline from the machine, making high machine occupancy possible, and programmable from any location
  • Making a personal library with often used shapes
  • Shape piecies can be standardised and stored
  • Supplements for seams and connectors can be endlessly configured and stored, with or without hole connections and corner punches
  • Data and measurements input is quick and clearly, clear 3D representation of the shape piece
  • Quick check – and even modification – of developments
  • Combination of different fittings possible
  • Automatic or manual dividing of oversized sheet parts
  • Including a CAD module
  • DXF- and DWG-import and -export
  • Automatic and manual nesting
  • Printing of clear production listings
  • Advanced job costing tool available
  • Complete project administration possible
  • CAMDuct can also control other cutting machines


  • DXF importYes
  • Automatic nestingYes
  • Offline availableYes
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