JÖRG 8202 U-brake Press Brake

JÖRG 8202 U-brake Press Brake

The U-Brake is a special press brake, with which square-to-round fittings for air ducts and insulation can be made fast and easy. The open C-frame allows products to be easily placed in, and taken out of the machine.

Working fast and safe
To establish a quick and safe work process, a short press stroke is required, because of this it’s more difficult to take products out of the machine. This is solved by designing an open C-frame construction, which does not compromise on the stability.

This press brake is ideally suited for producing square-to-round fittings. Other press brake operations are also possible.

Technical details
Execution: Hydraulic
Capacity : 8 ton
Working length : 1000 mm
Working height: 100 cm
Dimensions: 2180 x 1015 x 1970 mm
Weight: 1250 kg
Power supply: 3~400 V: 3F + 0 + earth

Folding stops
modified as desired