JÖRG 5731 Manual Beading machines

JÖRG 5731 Manual Beading machines

Jörg Machines supplies highquality and durable beading machines. The beading device can be easily set for beading rods of different diameters. The rear bar is higher, making it easier to feed the sheet in the machine, and stop it from being pushed away.

The beading beam with a working length of 1 metre is directly, manually operated.

Working length:
5731: 1020 mm

Technical details:
Capacity: Zinc 1,1 mm
5731 For beading rods Ø 12 – 25 mm

Beading rods 1 meter and Ø 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 25 mm and can be supplied from stock.
Motorized beading machines 1 to 6 meter