JÖRG 5714 Beading machines “Professional’’

JÖRG 5714 Beading machines “Professional’’

The Jörg motorized beading machines are designed for quick and accurate beading of zinc, copper, etc as commonly used, in gutters. The robust build, providing reliable functioning is characteristic, an attractive design with ergonomic and easy operation.

The foot pedal keeps your hands free. The beading rod can move freely, to rarely “miss” and make nice beads.

The machine has a powerful direct motor drive and control via PLC, ensuring always the same size of beading. The digitally settable 3/4 bead is standard.

Corner cutting
The machines are supplied with two adjustable corner cutters for both corners. A big advantage of this, is that while one sheet is being beaded, the corners of another can be cut.

Standard version:
– Corner cutters
– Hardened steel blades
– Manually / foot control
– Lamp for position indication
– High beading speed
– Low-maintenance
– Holder for additional beading rods
– Settable 3/4 bead
– Disconnectable right drive

Technical details:
Motor: 1,5 kW with brake
Power supply: 3~400 Volt/ 50 Hz
Capacity: beading rods Ø14 – 25 mm
Working length: 2020 mm
Plate: up to 1,1 mm (Zink 16)
Weight: 380 kg

– Beading rods Ø 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25.
– Extended version of meters
– Folding unit