JÖRG 1020 Corner Notcher

JÖRG 1020 Corner Notcher

Stable machine with adjustable guidance. In one cut, a corner of 102 x 102 x 3 mm can be cut. The precisely adjustable lower blades guarantee a burr-free cut. The blades are made of special quality steel. The adjustable stops are made so that they are suitable for both straight, and mitre cutting.
An ideal and efficient production machine.


The special design of the blades, of which the point hits the sheet first offers the following advantages:

  • The sheet is held in place and does not slide.
  • If the sheet has been marked up, it is easy to see whether the blades are cutting in the right place.
  • When cutting small corners, the blades only need to make a small stroke.

Capacity: 102 x 102 x 3 mm Steel 400 N/mm², 102 x 102 x 2 mm Stainless Steel 600 N/mm²
Suitable for steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, zinc, etc.
Worktable: 400 x 450 mm, 98 cm high (when using optional stand)
Weight: Ca. 120kg

Adjustable stops incl. ruller, and stop 45° angled.

Stand 81 cm high (40 kg)
Spare blades
Hydraulic version mode 1028
Angle adjustable stops