Specialist in your plate processing

JÖRG has a complete range of sheet metal processing machines for the particular manufacturers of air ducts, Isolatieplaat workers, Metallic zetterijen, copper and zinc workers, equipment construction, etc. JÖRG produces machines in the Netherlands and imports various BRANDS. These are mainly: Cidan, Variobend, Schechtl, Nosstec, Schwartmanns, Firmac, Forstner, Magnabend, Hyper therm, Eckold, Schlebach, sente, Lisse, Biko, BPR, Coiltech, X-Machines.

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Regular and occasional maintenance

To keep your machines in good condition, the qualified mechanics of Jörg machines can provide maintenance. For example, on a contract basis, but also on demand. Also for special adjustments, knives etc.

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Speciaalbouw or adjustments

Many customers need a special machine or a custom MACHINE.
Jorg Engineering, a sister company of Jörg Machines, can provide this requirement by:

3d CAD
Production Engineering
Consultancy and project Management

The special machines or modifications are then produced by Jörg Machines.
Such as:
Recoiler for Cores
Rewinding machine with stacker for civil wood
Rewinding machine for Cannon (moscow) of 3 meters wide for plates of 15 meters length
Rewinding machine with Stacker for Saghir

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Specialist in your plate processing

By listening carefully to our customers we make machines that meet your NEEDS. JÖRG produces himself in the NETHERLANDS. We also import quality machines, a.o. Cidan, Coiltech, Schwartmanns, Nosstec, Forstner, Magnabend, BPR, sente makina, Schechtl, Dener, WNS, Variobend and Schlebach. The employees of JÖRG Machines are committed to providing you with the best Quality.

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